MDDUS are on your side this Christmas

MDDUS is on your side this Christmas

Whilst we hope you have a peaceful and happy Christmas, if you need us – we’re here for you.

As we near the end of the year, you can look back and feel proud of the role you’ve played in protecting the health of the nation. In challenging times, people often forget to thank doctors and dentists for what they do. Let me extend to you our appreciation for all your work in 2023.


We understand what it’s been like. 


Speaking to members this year, we’ve heard how doctors have seen young children with blisters and sores on their feet because their parents don’t have the money to buy them new shoes with dentists feeling professionally challenged seeing needy patients struggling with the cost of living suffer with no access to affordable care.


On top of it all, there’s an investment crisis in the NHS. We know many of our members are worried about making mistakes on the job due to burnout.


However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Most patients hold people who work in the NHS in high regard. Many see you as amazing. Public support for the NHS is consistently high.


If you need someone to speak to, our confidential wellbeing service ‘YourHalo’ is available 24/7 and is free to our members. 


And in the unlikely event a claim does arise, you can trust MDDUS to be by your side all year round.


Working in healthcare can be a challenging vocation, especially at this time of year. But it also makes a real difference to people’s lives.

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas.


Season’s Greetings

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Member wellbeing

It has never been more important for healthcare professions to consider their own wellbeing. Our wellbeing and mental health area gives support information and advice for our members as well as how to access YourHalo – a free and confidential support service available 24/7 to all MDDUS members.

Concerned woman

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