MDDUS prides itself on being an organisation that delivers a high quality service to its members. As such we are always eager to hear when contacts with and the service to members has been satisfactory or not.

In particular we are interested to hear when service to members has been problematic or has caused a member to think of making a complaint. These would be about the way and perhaps the manner in which the member has been dealt with by us. We welcome such complaints in the expectation that they will assist us to improve our service and provide a useful learning mechanism for the organisation.

Whatever the nature of the complaint, we will endeavour to acknowledge that complaint within two days and give an indication as to when the member might expect a full response. All responses will be in writing.

Complaints about the service by a member will be received centrally by the advisory services department Administration Supervisor, directed to the department concerned and responded to by the Administration Supervisor. They will invite comments on the complaint from the relevant department and co-ordinate the response.

We are willing to receive complaints, verbally, in writing or by e-mail. Please ensure that when making a comment or a complaint that you quote your membership number. We would not normally process anonymous complaints.

We do and will treat all such comments, complimentary or critically, as a valuable source of information to help us maintain the quality of our service.

Making a complaint will not prejudice or affect the member’s right to continuing advice or support.

There will be a right of appeal to the Chief Executive Officer in the event of dissatisfaction by the member with the response.

If you feel that you have either a comment or a complaint to make about the service you have received from us, please contact our professional services Administration Supervisor on 0333 043 4444 or by email ( quoting your membership number. Please give as much detail as possible about the matter in order to allow us to carry out a full investigation. This procedure is exclusively for the use of MDDUS members.