Covid-19 risk assessment

MDDUS risk assessment on Covid-19, which takes into account guidance from HSE and UK Government

MDDUS COVID-19 Risk Assessment


This risk assessment has been developed to evaluate and control the risk COVID-19 presents to all MDDUS staff and any visitors, contractors and service providers to whom MDDUS owe a duty of care while on their premises. The assessment takes account of guidance from both HSE and the UK Government, specifically the Government guidance ‘Working safely during COVID-19 in offices and contact centres’ and the Government’s ‘5 steps to working safely’.

Current Operational Arrangements

MDDUS operations have been successfully adapted to allow all our staff members to work almost entirely from home during this pandemic. The only exceptions involve a small number of essential tasks that require attendance at MDDUS offices, such as building security and safety, post and occasional ICT support. Access to MDDUS offices is strictly limited to named individuals required for these tasks.

This version of the risk assessment takes account of current company-wide home working arrangements and the small number of staff members and essential service providers attending MDDUS offices when required. It will be reviewed and amended to account for any changes in the Company’s working arrangements.

Engagement and Oversight

During this time the Company is committed to, as far as is reasonably practical, taking the necessary additional measures to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for its staff and any visitors, contractors or the public who may be affected by what we do. The MDDUS Board receive regular updates relating to the Company’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including its impact on staff and the approach adopted to protect them. The Executive Committee (ExCom) are actively engaged in monitoring and adapting operations to ensure safety is not compromised. The ExCom receive regular updates and contribute to business decisions in the current environment.

Staff Consultation

MDDUS staff have been consulted during the drafting of this risk assessment, and have had an opportunity to comment and contribute to the content; staff will continue to be consulted as and when operations are progressively moved back to MDDUS offices.


This Risk Assessment has been drafted in accordance with the widely accepted 5-step approach as follows:



  • Identify the safety hazards
    e.g. working alone
  • Identify the health hazards
    e.g. contracting COVID-19 from a colleague



  • People in and around the premises
  • People who are especially at risk either due to their own health concerns, or due to working in the office environment



  • Is the level of risk generated by the hazard acceptable or does it need to be reduced?
  • Risk = Likelihood x Consequence
  • Evaluate the hazards
  • Remove or mitigate the hazards
  • Remove or mitigate the risks to people



  • Record significant findings and actions taken
  • Prepare an action plan based on the findings
  • Inform and instruct relevant people
  • Cooperate and coordinate with others
  • Provide training



  • Keep assessment under review
  • Revise and implement changes where necessary

Risk Assessment Review

This risk assessment is reviewed:

  1. on a weekly basis to ensure controls remain relevant and effective;
  2. to take account of emerging advice and guidance from both UK and Scottish Governments;
  3. when MDDUS move towards a gradual increase in office occupancy, following moderation of lockdown measures.

The Corporate Services Manager is responsible for reviewing the risk assessment, making it available to staff and ensuring it is published on the MDDUS web site each time revisions are made. The Risk Assessment is a standing item on the ExCom agenda, with all revisions being highlighted to senior staff.

To read the full and extensive MDDUS Covid-19 Risk Assessment document, please download here*

*Assessment date: 11 June 2020

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