Personal conduct - explanatory note

The intention of MDDUS is to provide access to support and indemnity for circumstances that arise out of the practice of medicine, dentistry or an allied health profession. We will normally provide assistance with matters referred to the GMC, GDC or other relevant clinical professional regulator.

However, where allegations are made in a different forum (for example, an employer’s disciplinary process, or criminal investigation), we will look to establish whether such allegations arise from your professional practice. Each case is considered carefully but matters that have no connection at all with the practice of medicine, dentistry or an allied health profession are more than likely to fall outside the scope of your membership. The following examples are likely to fall outside the scope of protection:

  • Allegations of fraud or theft
  • Research fraud
  • Acts of indecency
  • Assault including sexual assault
  • Complaints concerning working relationships with colleagues
  • Charges, allegations and offences relating to driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances
  • Charges, allegations and offences in connection with possession of illegal drugs
  • Criminal charges, allegations and offences not directly connected with the provision of care to patients.

This list is not exhaustive and simply serves to provide examples of the type of personal conduct for which MDDUS will not normally offer assistance. Where there is any doubt a member is advised to telephone as even where the matter is not within the scope of the member’s membership of MDDUS, initial “first aid” advice may be offered.

Each case will be considered on its own facts and special circumstances may be favourably considered.