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FYi is published twice a year and distributed to MDDUS members in Foundation Year 1 and Foundation Year 2 training programmes and final year medical students throughout the UK. It provides a mix of articles on risk, medico-legal and regulatory matters as well as general features and profiles of interest to trainee doctors. Browse all current and back issues below. Click on individual articles or on the cover image to view the complete issue with a digital reader.

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FYi Issue 13


Women on the rise

More core skills

Serendipity doo-dah

Careers: Childbirth and beyond

Prescribing: Getting it right

Profile: Call for compassion

Case study: Concerned loved one

Book review: The Shock of the Fall


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FYi Issue 12


A change of pace

DIY research

Core skills

Get smart

Careers: Facing the big C

Choosing a medical specialty

Profile: Medicine is his "day job"

Case study: Never event

Book review: Dirty Work

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FYi Issue 11


The power of the pen

The business of discovery

"Human factors" and medical error

Careers: Thirst for knowledge

Communication skills: Sending the right message

In the line of fire

Case study: A sore leg

Book review: Extremes - Life, Death and the Limits of the Human Body

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FYi Issue 10


Less than 40 winks

Don't turn a blind eye

What are you wearing?

Careers: Occupational hazards

Whither revalidation?

Finding purpose

Case study: Slow bleed

Book review: Bad Pharma

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FYi Issue 09


Safety in numbers

Chaperones - for doctor and patient

Without prejudice

An app for that?

Careers: Mending what's broken

Dying for a drink

Keeping a clear conscience

Case study: A painful swelling

Book review: The Doctor Will See You Now

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FYi Issue 08


A case in point

Informed consent

Reaching breaking point

Who decides?

Careers: Skin deep

A global threat

The legacy of Karen Woo

Case study - The man in the van

Book review: The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer

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FYi Issue 07


Think glucose

Can a patient be a 'friend'?

Never a dull moment

Careers: Coming of age

A welcome ear

Naming the dead

A fatal error? 

Product review: MIMS app and SIGN Guidelines app

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FYi Issue 06


Extreme doctoring

Speaking in tongues

Release the pressure

Careers: Unsung heroes

Are the kids all right?

High fidelity training

Book review: Sick Notes - True Stories from the Front Lines of Medicine

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FYi Issue 05


Just one more thing

Leading the way

Careers: Making the cut

Fighting a culture of violence

Q&A: The voice of junior doctors

The key to success

Book review: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

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FYi Issue 04


Down the rabbit hole

Ethics: Strictly professional

Careers: Not a couch in sight

Keeping it in the family

Lost in translation

Keep it safe

Book review: Where Does it Hurt? - What the Junior Doctor Did Next

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FYi Issue 03


The hardest part

Damage limitation

Careers: Ready for anything

Placebo paradox

Bound by law

A taste of things to come

Twitter with care

Book review: Direct Red - A Surgeon's Story

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FYi Issue 02


Onwards and Upwards

Called to witness

Fighting back

Careers: Child friendly

Matters of record

Calculated risk

Book review: Bad Science


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FYi Issue 01


Hit the Ground Running

Pearls and Pitfalls

The spin doctors

Careers: Speaking generally

Good night and good luck

Book review: Trust Me, I'm a Junior Doctor

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