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Essential Guides

MDDUS Essential Guides are comprehensive booklets on core medico/dento-legal topics including consent, confidentiality, record keeping and handling patient complaints. They provide an overview of basic concepts and the relevant law but we still encourage members to contact our medical and dental advisers for specific advice in these areas.

Click on the contents lists for specific topics or the cover image to view the complete issue with a digital reader.


Essential Guide to Complaint Handling in Primary Care



Patient complaints: basics

Practice-based complaints procedures

Effective complaint handling

Using complaints to improve service

Case study 1

Case study 2



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Essential Guide to Confidentiality



Confidentiality: basics


Data Protection Act

Access to Health Records Act

Freedom of information

Data security

Further reading


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Essential Guide to Consent



Consent: basics

Who should obtain consent?

Consent and mental incapacity

Consent in children and adolescents

Fluctuating capacity

Consent in emergency situations and for intimate examinations

Other areas of consent

Further reading


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Essential Guide to Medical and Dental Records



Introduction and purpose

Records—best practice

Patient access to medical and dental records

Common issues of concern in access to records

Retention and transfer of records

Destruction of records

The future


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